Singapore MRT Lines

There are six different Singapore MRT Lines and three LRT Lines. The MRT Lines are mostly under ground and the LRT lines are run above ground elevated on concrete pelars as skytrains usually are.

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Mass Rapid Transit Lines (MRT)

East-West Line
  • 1 2 3flight
  • Code: EW
  • Color: Green
  • The East-West MRT line extends thru 35 stations from Tuas Link in the West to Pasir Ris and Changi Airport in the East.
  • East-West Line
North-South Line
  • 4 5
  • Code: NS
  • Color: Red
  • The North south line extends thru 27 stations from Jurong East, a transfer station connected to the green line.
  • North-South Line
North East Line
  • 6 7
  • Code: NE
  • Color: Purple
  • The North east line has 16 stations, which of 6 are interchange stations to other MRT lines, 2 to LRT Lines and to the harbor.
  • North East Line
Circle Line
  • 8 9 10
  • Code: CC/CE
  • Color: Orange
  • The Circle Line has 30 stations which of about one third are interchange stations connected to all lines and the harbor.
  • Circle Line
Downtown Line
  • 11 12
  • Code: DT
  • Color: Blue
  • The line serves 34 stations from Bukit Panjang to Downtown close to Marina Bay, ends at Expo, near Changi Airport.
  • Downtown Line
Thomson-East Coast Line
  • 13 14
  • Code: TE
  • Color: Brown
  • Thomson East Coast line is under construction with only three operational stations and six testing.
  • Thomson-East Coast Line

Light Rapid Transit Lines (LRT)

Bukit Panjang

To see all MRT lines, please view the MRT Map of Singapore.